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Washington state hound council was formed in the 70's for the political side to fight for our hunting rights and as the head of all Washington state clubs.

The Washington State Hound Council consist of clubs and individuals who support the purposes to protect, propagate, and increase fish, game and to improve the habitat for all wildlife by controlling and taking of predatory animals by hounds.

To aid in the enactment of laws for the protection and restoration of wildlife, forests, marshes, streams, and lakes; and to promote the observance of such laws.

To create and foster public sentiment in favor of the protection and restoration of woods, water and wildlife.

To promote sportsman like methods in hunting with hounds, and proper respect for the rights of landowners.

To cooperate with all associations of agencies having similar objectives.

To foster the education of the youth of Washington along the lines of these objectives.

To participate in any undertaking, of any description, whether national, state, civic, or private, that may be deemed necessary by the Council, to fulfill and carry out the heretofore written objectives of the Council.



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